We focus on media that illuminates and improves the experience of being human.


Vast Noodle is a creative media content production company whose intent is to help humans connect empathetically with other humans. We do this by listening to humans and then creating and sharing stories and concepts that mean something, and then we share them with more humans. Sometimes we come up with stuff that  hits you sideways and makes you think as well. We think empathy, equality, and enlightenment are great concepts and we want to create content that’s honest and open and out of the box and risky and real.  We seek truth as a way to bring peace, healing, and understanding to a world filled with injustice and suffering, and to facilitate a virtual community for individuals to collaborate, listen to, and support each other as we share our stories.   We challenge, uplift, and encourage people to think and to be better versions of themselves. We hope this kind of thing spreads. 




Trent Bell

Founder, Director, Resident Introvert.  If not working he will be surfing or playing with wife and kids. What you won't find him doing is writing a bio...he hates writing a bio.  Trent knows broccoli is good for him but hates eating it. He also loves an authentic horchata.  He starts to feel uneasy if he feels normal...this is potentially a problem.  Trent loves an informative and enlightening YouTube video because he has a real hard time reading...also loves to sit by himself in the dark at 5am with a cup of coffee...nice and quiet.



Timothy Holt
Studio Manager/Retoucher

Studio Manager, Retoucher, and curator of memes.  When not working here is a avid hiker, backpacker, and all around outdoor enthusiast.  Drinks very dark coffee coffee and is known to experiment with various fermented foods.  Always seeking a zen mind in a world of chaos, self proclaimed minimalist, practitioner of leave no trace principals, and is constantly scheming up the next road trip or jaunt around the world.


Christine Anderson
Project Manager

Project manager, producer, and logistical Jedi.  When not working here is a functional movement specialist, lover of all things art, and slinks around stages with a video camera in hand.  Eats mostly fats and berries, drinks sparkling water, good wine, and espresso; and wouldn't be sane without daily meditation and good food.  Can be found traveling all over the world,  learning (lately about neuroscience....fascinating stuff) and enjoying the sunshine in moments of clarity.