Open to Being Corrected


Open to Being Corrected

I’m open to being corrected here…any thoughts?:

I believe embracing spiritual certainty requires self deception.

How could I claim objective certainty through subjective means?

To me that looks like an unbalanced equation that requires something to balance it. (self deception)

Why do we even attempt to put the spiritual into the certain realm? (Fear? Uncertainty is uncomfortable?)

It seems that to claim certainty is to lie to yourself as to the true state of how things really are in order to comfort yourself…but what are the traits of someone who lies to themselves over time? (Not good)

Generally, if we are emotionally reactive to something or someone, it is because we are being reminded of something painful, raw, or unresolved in our lives. In these areas, we are going to struggle to admit the truth or comfortably explore the subject deeper to attempt to clarify the truth. In fostering this type of belief system you will become increasingly defensive, biased and closed minded.

Out of fear we push ourselves towards the comfort of spiritual certainty.