Corrective Lenses and Belief

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Corrective Lenses and Belief:

Being conscious of our own skewed perception in the belief process is akin to wearing glasses to correct our vision.

My ability to perceive, to know and to understand truth is limited to my ability of perception. My perception is influenced through culture, imprinting, experience, fears and desires. As for imprinting I had no choice in the matter and I don't know how to correct for this one. Culture is inescapable and I have to understand it to compensate for it when relating to something from my culture. My fears and desires are shaped by all of the above and my experiences, both good and bad.

This collection of influences is where things like confirmation bias, bias-driven motivation, theory bias, fear-based reasoning become a factor and greatly skew what I perceive, think and believe...and when I am talking about something that is so completely outside of objective reality, such as spirituality, I have to carefully and seriously consider my own weaknesses, fears, desires and biases so I can keep our imagination and fears in check and my beliefs grounded within a semblance of reality and reason.

Just sayin...