Faith, Science and Bullying

Faith, reason, and science are different realms with different standards of evidence/proof and so on.

Science is not and should not be subject to religion in the realm of science (ethics of science and so on are a different discussion...). Also, religion should not be subject to science in the "religious" realm...but... what is the realm of Religion?

It almost feels that if you truly keep religion in its "realm" you then regulate it to a neutered make-believe little club with no real effect in reality, as if its a pretend thing that you occasionally pat on the head and tell to go back to its pretend playground to play more make believe.

The problem is that far to often Religion gets grabby, assertive, disrespectful and oversteps its boundaries and starts to claim objective proofs by its own subjective standards and then attempts to take those subjective standards and beliefs and impose them in reality. We see the extreme examples of homosexuals being thrown off buildings or women being stoned to death for not dressing as they are told they should, in the more mild forms we simply use nuanced societal forms of shame and guilt which have subtle but very real emotional effects that range from low self esteem to community alienation to suicide. In these more moderate forms of religious overstepping and disrespect we basically commit theological bullying.

It's almost as if you cannot believe without hurting others...