For The Love of Truth

This visually inspiring and thought provoking documentary follows the comical road trip of two friends, each facing their 40th birthday, who have recently lost an integral piece of the foundation of their lives. Trent Bell and Caleb Johnson have known each other since middle school and have set out on countless adventures together. They have given each other wedgies, lived out of their cars for months on end, gone to university together, started an architectural business together, argued and fought, challenged and pushed each other endlessly through it all. At times they have hated each other but through it all have loved each other like brothers…and now the two have seemingly lost their faith together. They find themselves at “mid-life” now and have no satisfactory answers to quiet the nagging questions. So they have decided to put their respective businesses and lives on hold for three weeks and have a rather irresponsible “mid-life crisis” road trip across the country in an antique Toyota Van. They set out to find answers to the deeper questions of life through adventure, wanderlust, formal interviews with experts, introspective discussion and a fair amount of prodding, squabbling, more wedgies…so on and so forth…hopefully they figure something out…here we go.