Benefit of the Doubt

Author: Greg Boyd

This book is a great first step in getting the lay of the land if you're honestly questioning with a literal/Fundamental-ish religious system of belief. My wife and I read through this together and it really helped me understand some of the conflicts I was having in my own thoughts and beliefs.

Coming from a Christian background I always figured doubt was to a thing to be eliminated from my “operating system” as it applied to my faith...but...doubt is there for a reason, a beneficial reason if handled with moderation as all things should be.  

This sounds odd to say now, but I still feel that doubts should be done away with, but not by simply dismissing or ignoring them but by honestly accepting that your psyche has placed an investigative task on your mental, philosophical, world view “to do” list.

Give this book a read, it will help clear up that glass in that “through a glass darkly” situation.